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We are now open every Saturday and offer delivery within a 10-mile radius.  

Want to place an order?

It's easy!  

  1. Go to Menu.

  2. Choose Pick up or Delivery.

  3. Use the drop-down menu to choose a date and time for your order.  Keep in mind the time you choose is when your order will be ready.  We make the trays fresh to order by the time slot you have chosen. We are not able to make your order at another time as we have slotted times depending on order size.

  4. Choose what you would like to order.  

  5. You can place orders up to 100 days in advance.

  6. Pick up your order at our Commercial kitchen located at 300 East 2nd St, Frederick, MD 21701

  7. Please come at the time you placed your order for as we prepare our trays fresh and made to order.  They will not be available earlier than the scheduled time.

  8. Have more questions? Interested in our catering services or in placing a custom order?

  9. Please email us at:

  10. We have a small gravel parking lot beside the building please feel free to use it for your pickup.

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